EnterYes Week 2

So for week two we were giving the task of creating possible stories and then doing concept for them, so as a group we starting to brainstorm  some possible ideas we had where a blind wizard, A land or eternal nights, Miniature world  the as a team we picked the elements we like from stories and tried to combined them .


So this is the rough story we came up with,

Lulu is drawing on a bed fort when lili hears a sound and head towards it as she head further into the blankets a firefly comes out and dances around lulu and goes back the way lili went, so lulu follows the fireflies in to the blankets as lulu crawls through the blankets they turn to leaves and we see that lulu has entered a forest, and meet a fox that tricks her and plan to bring her to the the evil wizard when they are saved by a mysterious figure which is revealed to be a old badger how tells lulu the story of the world and why it’s in darkness, he then informs her that it not safe to travel above ground because they will be looking for them   but he has a tunnel which leads to the wizards tower, lulu is apprehensive but lili jumps up and heads into the tunnel and turns and  motions lulu to follow, they both head down the tunnel until it stops and start clawing upwards, as the two appear from the ground and are in the grand hall of the wizards tower and she see a massive shadow bend over a cauldron, Lili and lulu start to approach the the wizards but lili trips and the wizard hears thema and turns round “ who’s there” he asked as he turns around we realise he’s not a horrible massive monster but a small frail old man waving his stick in front of him in defence “ no one there, no one’s ever there”, “i’m here my name is lulu , and lili is here too”, “who’s lili ?” at this moment lili jumps up and and starts rubbing herself on the wizards leg. “My cat” lulu said laughing , “have you come to see me” the wizard ask puzzled, “ yes lili and me have come to ask to bring back the light” the wizard seems puzzled by this “ bring back the light ? i’ve only taken enough to bring back my sight” the wizard begins pulling vials off his shelf you, Lulu steps forward “the forest is sick” the wizard stop in his tracks “but i only took enough for my potion !” at this point lulu is standing looking into the cauldron, “you have taken too much the forest is sick but you can help it”  the wizard scratches his head and pulls at his clothing “but if i give it back i’ll never see”. Lulu reaches her hand out towards the wizard “but what would be the point if there is nothing to see.” the wizard begins to pace “ i know you are right but i’m scared” again lulu walks towards the wizard “sometimes the prettiest thing are not what we see but what do, “ lili is twisting between them rubbing against their legs “so you saying I could help the forest”. “You could save it “ says lulu the wizard walks towards his shelf and pick up one of the vials of light he holds it and then takes the vial from the top as this happens light shoots out and begins to fill the empty hall, as this happens the camera pulls out of the tower to show light filling the forest and life returning to it, transition      


Lili and Lulu are standing with the wizards at the bushes they came through “  will you visit ?” ask the wizard twisting his feet in the dirt “ i hope so “ response lulu, they say they goodbyes and lili and lulu crawls back through the bushes and back into the blanket fort.




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