Heist Movies

Some of the heist movie we looked at for inspiration


Ocean Eleven

ocean’s 11 embodies so many of the tropes of the heist genre from the character to the editing style, Andy Garcia’s character  is the a stereotypical bad guy the only thing he is missing is a moustache to twirl, But there  is a lot about the movie we like the heist itself is well paced and holds the audience the use of the bait and switch is something we what to try to replicate in our own.




Reservoir Dogs

Probably my favourite Tarantino Film, Reservoir dogs follows a failed bank heist and the events surrounding it, the use of non- linear narrative is awesome in this film and the way the narrative reveals it’s self over time is just really well done. This non-linear narrative is something we thought worth looking at for are own narrative


Community (Season 3, episode 21)

One of my favourite episode of my favourite show , the community heist episode take all the tropes of this genre like codenames and over the top disguise  and holds the up for ridicule but is also an homage to shows like the A-team and MacGyver in that  it’s very over the top  pushing satire of the genre. the thing that spoke to us was the actually heist as the character are planning the heist we are seeing the heist take place this merging of time is super interesting which pays off in the end joke where pierce while the team is doing i guess their victory and get caught  says ” you idiot the plan was the to make it seem like the plan was fail when when actually we’re already gone”. the narrative on screen divots from the narration. using the juxtaposition of reality and expectation to create the sketch, I love this for our own animation this juxtaposition of the exaggeration of the grannies and the money and the reality of it.


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