Brief shot overview

Granny Heist


Shot 1-Overview of a bank at night

Transition to inside the bank

Shot 2 – room with vault against one of the walls, lazers on the floor and a grate  on the roof

Shot 3 – We see the grate open and one of the grannies(in a catsuit) being lowered down of ropes

Shot 4 – we see the other granny in the vent struggling to hold the weight of the granny on the ropes

Shot 5 the granny on the rope begin to crack the security system as she does so we see a ball of wool slipping out of her porch on her utility  belt  on the blt we see  knitting needle ,and a load of pockets   and just before it  the wool hits the ground and trip the sense she grabs it (homage to mission impossible)


Shot 6 – once the security system is down  we see the granny fall down to the ground and the other granny jump through the hole and start picking the lock with knitting needle.


Shot 7- Shot of locks  we hear a click and the door start to open


Shot 8- we see the grannies take out the bin bag and start lifting the money


Shot 9  – we see the grannies exit the bank


Transition to establishing shot  of the grannies house in the morning we see the sun rising  


Shot 10- we see the bin men are a few house away we see the granny in the window drinking tea


Shot 11 – the granny realise  they haven’t left their rubbish out yet and in a mad dash ther lift the bag with money in it instead of a bag of rubbish


Shot 12 exterior of the granny home we see the rushing out when one of the bin men notice and come to her and takes the bag of her/ she go back in the house and the bin man goes to throw in in the truck and just before he throws it in the  money fall out.


Shot 13- reaction shot of the bin man


Shot – 14 we see a the bin man rapping  the door/ the granny opens the door / we see the bin man standing there with the money in his hands./gives the money to the granny.


Fades out

Shot 15 – we see the two grannies sitting drinking tea laugh to each other( will the radio tells the story) that they got away with it all   we see a  board with the plans for the heist with a sign that says mission complete


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