Believe it or not I took a lot of inspiration from tattoo artist i know what your think “what no way impossible” but i don’t know i often find out about thing through tattoo artist so yea. back to the research.

Talking about tattooing in 1970’s new york is a bit weird believe it or not tattooing was illegal up until 1997, so tattooing was sort of forced underground in new york. the reason i looked at the new york tattoo scene in the 70’s ¬†because it is where new tribalism tattoos started. The creation is often linked to Cliff Raven and Thom Devita.


So this was sort of my initial research then I look at the work that inspired Devita and Raven one of the biggest inspirations for Devita particular was Pueblo designs.


This was the kind of work Thom was looking at and it’s easy to see why the use of the symmetry of these pieces is awesome and something that had a lot of impact in my own designs.



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